Swaziland – 29 April 2016

Swaziland Groups Kick Against Amendment Bills

Civil society and pro-democracy groups have called on parliamentarians in Swaziland to scrap debates on three proposed amendments that they say would further erode the fundamental human rights of citizens in the southern African kingdom.

Parliament is debating the amendment of the public order act, the professional terrorism act and the police act.

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Zuma concludes Swaziland visit

President Jacob Zuma concluded his two day visit to Swaziland on Friday. He was in the Kingdom to have talks with King Mswati III and government officials on Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) related matters.

The President wrapped up his visit by attending King Mswati III’s 48th birthday celebrations.

Discussions on how to make the Southern African Customs Union function better were fruitful.

“We have been having meetings about Sacu, and I can tell you that we are going to have a summit as Sacu member states in June. That is when proposals will be presented and a way forward [will be] mapped,” says Zuma.