Swaziland – 31 Oct 2014

Denmark Questions King On Rights
Denmark has raised the questions of political freedom, human rights, and the trial of political activists Mario Masuku and Maxwell Dlamini with Swaziland’s government and absolute monarch King Mswati III, Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Martin Lidegaard told the Danish Foreign Affairs Committee last Wednesday (22 October 2014), writes Kenworthy News Media. allAfrica.com

South Africa: #Swazijustice “The Path to Freedom Goes Through Prison”
This time next week, Thulani Maseko and Bheki Makhubu may be released from their wrongful imprisonment in a Swazi jail. But they will not be free men. They are subjects of an absolute monarchy, the last in Africa, one which continues to use its courts to violate its people’s rights and abuse its powers. Yet very few people seem to care.
Many South Africans are unaware of what happens in the small country nestled within our borders. The #SwaziJustice campaign, an advocacy initiative calling for an end to human rights violations in Swaziland, has released a video trying to fix that. allAfrica.com

MBABANE – Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA) Secretary General Vincent Ncongwane said it was nice to be a minister as that appeared to be a licence to say anything that takes your fancy no matter how far it sails from the truth.
Ncongwane said he was very hurt to learn that Minister of Commerce, Industry and Trade Gideon Dlamini said the retrenched Tex Ray textile firm workers should have shed tears at the doorstep of their trade union offices.
He said the minister’s comments are like someone who either is not aware of the ILO Report dated March 26, 2014 which recommended to government how to deal with the issues of the benchmarks. Times of Swaziland