Swaziland – 8 April 2016

MPs Block Swazi King’s New Jet

Members of the Swaziland Parliament have blocked a move to pay E96 million (about US$6.4 million at the present ever-fluctuating exchange rate) for a jet plane for the kingdom’s autocratic monarch King Mswati III.

The money had been allocated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the kingdom’s annual budget announced in February 2016.



New wagons made in SA will allow Swaziland to rail in more fuel

NEW wagons delivered to Swaziland Railways by Transnet will increase railed fuel imports by 30% in the landlocked country, which has no refinery. Swaziland Railways CEO Stephenson Ngubane said the company ran short of wagons for fuel imports from Durban, and lost business to road transport.

Mr Ngubane was speaking at the handover of the wagons from Transnet Engineering at its Germiston depot yesterday. Swaziland Railways is a state-owned company that provides import and export transport services in the country.