“The Role of Legal Frameworks in Shaping Political Discourse & Controlling Dissent within Zimbabwe” – 1 Dec 2023

This workshop sought to provide a nuanced examination of the dualistic role of law in Zimbabwe’s political arena—both as a tool for political manoeuvring and as a means of suppressing opposition voices.

Key points of discussion included:

  • An analysis of recent instances where law has been employed as a political weapon.
  • The impact of legal strategies on freedom of expression and civic engagement in Zimbabwe.
  • Comparative insights on the use of legal instruments in other SADC member states.
  • A collaborative exploration of potential legal and civil society responses to uphold democratic principles and human rights.

The workshop aimed to bring together legal experts, political analysts, civil society activists, and students from across the SADC region to foster a collaborative and multi-dimensional dialogue.

Watch here: https://fb.watch/oYakedVJ_a/