United Nations Youth Dialogue on Post-2015 MDGs

On Friday 24th April 2015, SALO’s Fowzia Davids attended a Post 2015 Consensus Youth Forum


The youth dialogue was constructed in a way where students were divided into 8 groups to discuss 3 themes, and motivate why their theme took preference. The themes included:

· Chronic Disease Targets; Water & Sanitation Targets;
· Biodiversity; Food Security Targets; Poverty Targets;
· Climate Change; Infectious Disease Targets; Science and Technology Targets;
· Conflicts and Violence targets; Nutrition Targets; Population and Demography
· Education Targets; Infrastructure Targets; Health System Targets;
· Energy Targets AND Trade Targets and Gender Equality Targets;
· Neonatal and Mental Health Targets; Data for Development Targets; and
· Illicit Financial Flows Targets AND Governance and Institutions Targets.