Weekly COVID-19 Regional updates:

Weekly updates:


Some COVID-19 restrictions extended indefinitely further threatening informal sector incomes:


  • With the ?rst imported COVID-19 case reported on 20 March 2020, as of 10 June, 287 COVID-19 cases and 4 deaths have been con?rmed with the majority of new cases being returnees.
  • From 1 April to 9 June, 6,892 Zimbabwean migrants returned from neighbouring countries. Over 2,600 of them are quarantined in 60 centres in 10 provinces.
  • With 320,606 malaria cases and 307 deaths reported countrywide, there has been a significant decrease in weekly reported cases during the last four weeks.
  • A decrease of admission of children for acute malnutrition treatment has been recorded since April, with 50 per cent less children receiving vitamin A supplementation:


South Africa:

As lockdown stimulates exciting new initiatives, the country must focus on ensuring access to quality food for all:


Gender-based violence during lockdown: looking for answers:

The COVID-19 crisis and social distancing measures have caused deep concerns about their impact on women in abusive relationships. Numerous articles in the South African media have pointed to the increased risk women in these relationships face under lockdown conditions. The fear is that they are trapped inside with their abusers, unable to leave, escape or reach out for help:



This is the 13th Situation Report on the COVID-19 from the UN in Malawi as of 12th June 2020. It is produced by the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator in Malawi:



People in Cabo Delgado Province are fleeing for their lives, hiding in the bush without shelter, food, water and medical care, MSF warns:


Africa and southern Africa: