Western Sahara – 10 November 2015

After 40 Years, Time to End the Occupation of Western Sahara
This November marks forty years since 350,000 Moroccans crossed into the Western Sahara as part of the so-called “Green March.” November 6 is a dark day for the Saharawi people, because it marks Morocco’s illegal military invasion and partial occupation of Western Sahara.
In October of 1975, the International Court of Justice had totally rejected Morocco’s claim of sovereignty over Western Sahara, and having failed to win the legal argument, Moroccan King Hassan II responded with force. He ordered the Green March, a civilian invasion, which was reinforced with an escort of 20,000 Moroccan soldiers.
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Algeria unwavering in support of Western Sahara independence
Algerian Ambassador to Namibia Sid Ali Abdelbari has reiterated Algeria’s support for the independence of Western Sahara.
“Its people deserve to decide freely on their own fate through a free and fair referendum, in accordance with the principle of self-determination,” Abdelbari said at the occasion to mark the 61st anniversary of the national day of Algeria, held in Windhoek last week.
He said that because the Western Sahara issue is a decolonization problem that has been thwarted, it is the duty of the international community, the African Union and the United Nations (UN) to exert all possible efforts to enable the Sahrawi people to express themselves on their future, in accordance with international law and the relevant resolutions of the UN.
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