Western Sahara – 16 Jan 2015

Saharawi Youth Delegation Tours Sweden to Sensitize About National Cause
A delegation of the Saharawi Youth Union (UJSARIO) is now in Sweden to sensitize about the national cause.
Organized by the Swedish Social Democratic Youth, the sensitization tour aims at making larger the scope of solidarity among civil society of Sweden.
At the Swedish parliament, the delegation met parliamentarians from the Social Democratic Party.
During the meeting, the Swedish MPs stressed the need to redouble efforts at the parliamentary level so that Swedish state recognizes the Saharawi Republic (SADR), in the aim to carry on other countries in Europe to follow suite.
For his part, the UJSARIO International Secretary, Hamdi Yousef, focused on the historical and legal background of the conflict in Western Sahara, hailing the move taken by the Swedish parliament in recognizing the SADR.
Members of the delegation invited Swedish MPs to visit the occupied territories of Western Sahara so to assess at first hand the suffering experienced by the Saharawi people.

Government Answers Questions of Parliament Members
Government on Monday started to answer the questions asked by members of the National Council (Parliament) and to the concerns expressed in the committees’ reports.
In his speech, Prime Minister, Mr. Abdlekader Taleb Omar, hailed the reports made by the committees, adding that they reflect a good knowledge of Saharawi reality.
He underlined that MPs questions would help the government to find suitable solutions to the concerns expressed.
Focusing on the difficulties facing the implementation of programs, PM expressed government’s resolve to continue improving the different aspects of life and developing the mechanisms of action.
He also said that the government has made considerable efforts during the year under assessment, despite the global crises, lack of resources, Moroccan Intelligence’s targeting of the internal front.
The Council, moreover, gave the floor to the ministers of foreign affairs, information and protocol to respond to the questions and concerns related to their ministries.