Western Sahara – 4 March 2016

Western Sahara: Women Held in Refugee Camps

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon should urge the Polisario Front to intervene in favor of three Sahrawi women whose families are reportedly preventing them from leaving Polisario-run refugee camps for Spain, where they legally reside.

Two of the women said they have been held against their will for more than two years and the third has been held since December 2015, according to her civil partner in Spain.

Human Rights Watch


EU Court Decision’s on Morocco-EU Agriculture Agreement Is Contrary to International Law

The recent dispute between Morocco and various European institutions over the European Union’s (EU) court ruling that invalidates a major farm trade deal of Sahara products   comes at an inopportune time for the EU. The EU is balancing gingerly between dealing with an unprecedented refugee crisis, the slim but disturbing possibility of the United Kingdom’s exit from the Union, working with NATO allies to prepare for any future aggression by Putin’s Russia, and the dilemma of the Syrian Civil War.

Morocco World News