Zimbabwe – 13 May 2016

Reveal Dzamara’s whereabouts: US envoy

United States ambassador to Zimbabwe Harry Thomas Jnr has challenged the Zanu PF government to reveal the whereabouts of missing activist Itai Dzamara, who was abducted by suspected State security agents 14 months ago.

Speaking at a media breakfast meeting in Harare yesterday, Thomas Jnr described Dzamara as a symbol of non-violent protest, saying if the government wanted to prosecute him it was better for law enforcement agents to release him and lay charges.

Several protests have been held to pressurise the government into finding Dzamara, but police have made spirited efforts to stop most of the demonstrations. This week, police disrupted two prayer meetings organised for the missing activist at the Africa Unity Square, where he used to hold his anti-President Robert Mugabe protests.



Are Politicians Suffocating Zimbabwe Economy for Personal Purposes?

A lot has been said about the proposed introduction of bond notes in Zimbabwe with some critics saying this is set to cripple the economy.

Central bank governor John Mangudya has been a bit hazy on this issue with indications that he is backtracking on some of the intended functions of the bond notes. He says they are not supposed to ease cash shortages but to promote exports in an under-performing economy.

Despite some of the contradictions that have emerged over the bond notes, politics remains key in the implementation of monetary policies in most countries, save for a few where central banks are independent.

Voice of America