Zimbabwe – 15 April 2016

Zimbabwe holds largest anti-Mugabe protest in years

Demonstrators in Zimbabwe held the largest protest against President Robert Mugabe in nearly a decade on Thursday, marching through central Harare demanding that the 92-year-old leader make a “dignified exit.”

Under the watchful eye of riot police, more than 2,000 supporters of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) carried anti-Mugabe placards and sang party songs before their leader Morgan Tsvangirai gave a speech attacking Mr Mugabe’s rule.

Anti-government protests have often been brutally broken up by police under the authoritarian regime of the president, who has been in power since independence in 1980.



Mining: Zimbabwe unions take 1.5% raise

Zimbabwean mining houses have struck a deal with unions to prevent a potentially bitter fall-out that would have disrupted operations in the country.

They reached a 1.5 percent agreement against the unions’ demand for a 10 percent raise.

“Mineworkers have concerns… when they are labouring they expect to be paid,” said Tinago Ruzive, the president of the Associated Mineworkers Union of Zimbabwe.

Isaac Kwesu, the Zimbabwe Chamber of Mines chief executive, said the industry was struggling and would “at the very best maintain production levels” recorded last year.