Zimbabwe – 27 October 2015

Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe will be chaotic – politician
A Zimbabwean opposition leader has reportedly warned of total collapse the day President Robert Mugabe “does not wake up”.
Former finance minister Tendai Biti, who is the People’s Democratic Party leader, warned that Zimbabweans should brace themselves for civil war if Mugabe “does not wake up one morning”, a New Zimbabwe.com report said.

The political economy of small-scale mining in Zimbabwe
Ever since the enactment of Zimbabwe’s Mines and Minerals Act, which gives the state rights over mineral resources wherever they are found, mining has been controversial. In the colonial period, the Act gave precedence to miners over other colonists making use of the land, including for farming, forestry and ranching. The colonists of Rhodesia failed to find a second Rand, but the mineral resources of Zimbabwe are nevertheless rich. And with recent discoveries – notably diamonds in Marange and platinum in various parts of the country – mining has been the source of hot politics and big bucks.
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