CAR – 16 July 2015

Europe Funded Illegal Logging and War in Central African Republic
A total of 3.4 million euros in total would have ended in the hands of Seleka fighters – responsible for torturing and murdering thousands of local residents. European countries have been indirectly contributing to massive human rights violations and heavy environmental damage in the Central African Republic, an investigative report released by Global Witness revealed on Wednesday.
As the country has been facing constant political instability in recent years, trade partners have not paid much attention to the dangerous destination of the money they were providing, according to the nonprofit organization.

Central African Republic urged to allow refugees to vote in landmark poll
The UN refugee agency said on Tuesday (July 14) it was alarmed by a decision of the interim parliament of the Central African Republic (CAR) to exclude refugees who fled to neighbouring states and elsewhere to escape fighting in the country from taking part in elections expected in October.
UNHCR and its partners said the move was out of line with UN Security Council resolutions 2149 (2014) and 2217 (2015) which envisaged inclusive elections to help achieve peace.