Somalia – 16 July 2015

Somalia takes Kenya to ICJ over sea border
The Somali government has submitted its dispute with Kenya over their sea border to the International Court of Justice.
The disputed ocean territory stretches for more than 100,000 sq km. Tests have shown potential reserves of gas in the area.
The dispute has been going on for the last six years, keeping investors away because of a lack of legal clarity over who owns potential off-shore oil and gas reserves. The BBC’s Rage Hassan says Somalia wants the maritime border to continue along the line of the land border to the south-east, while Kenya wants the sea border to go in a straight line east.

Congressional Somalia Caucus brings little reason to celebrate
Minnesota Congressmen Keith Ellison, a Democrat representing the 5th District (which includes Minneapolis), and Tom Emmer, a Republican representing the 6th District (which includes St. Cloud), have formed a Congressional Somalia Caucus in Washington. Their joint statement read: “The purpose of the Somalia Caucus is to advocate for peace and stability in Somalia by ensuring the United States is providing sufficient and meaningful assistance so that democracy, good governance, and prosperity prevail over terrorism in Somalia.”
The goal of helping Somalia is admirable. But let’s be honest: The likelihood of the Congressional Somalia Caucus delivering is very low. Congress has nearly 700 caucuses. Many of these caucuses have few members and have sponsored little in the way of meaningful legislation.
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32 people killed in al-Shabab attack on southern Somali district
Five African Union soldiers and two civilians reportedly died in the fighting, while al-Shabab lost 25 militants.
Five soldiers and two civilians also died in the five-hour attack Monday on Rage Celle, Xinhua news agency quoted Mayor Yusuf Haji Mohamod as saying. Government troops and AU forces repulsed the assault and “the situation is under control,” the mayor said.
The attack comes after al-Shabab last week claimed responsibility for two coordinated attacks that killed five people at hotels in Somalia’s capital of Mogadishu.