CAR – 25 June 2015

Central African Republic says to hold elections on Oct. 18
Central African Republic will hold presidential and parliamentary elections, seen as critical to drawing a line under a two-year inter-religious conflict, on Oct. 18, a spokesman for the interim government said on Thursday.
The country descended into chaos in March 2013 when the predominantly Muslim Seleka rebels seized power, sparking reprisals by “anti-balaka” Christian militia, who drove out tens of thousands of Muslims from the south in a de facto partition of the landlocked country.

Pope confirms plans to visit Central African Republic, Uganda in November
Pope Francis said today that he is planning to travel to Africa in November, specifically to the Central African Republic, Uganda, and possibly Kenya.
During a meeting with hundreds of priests from around the world participating in the Third World Priests Retreat in the Basilica of St. John Lateran, the Pope responded to the question from an African priest asking when he planned to come to Africa.
“God willing, I will be in Africa in November. In the Central African Republic first and then Uganda,” he responded.
CAN Daily News

Terrorist ‘economy’ bankrolls bloodshed in African nation
Armed insurgent groups fighting in Central African Republic have set up a virtual parallel economy — complete with for-profit businesses and an elaborate system of taxes — to finance a campaign of terror, sexual violence and other activities, according to a new report released Wednesday.
The two main armed groups operating in the landlocked, resource-rich country — the Muslim Seleka and largely Christian and animist Anti-Balaka — are responsible for violent atrocities that have shocked the international community, including extreme violence, conscripting child soldiers and massive property seizures, including forcibly taking control of lucrative diamond mines.
The Washington Times

Panel to review UN response to alleged Central African Republic sex abuse
A former supreme court justice of Canada will lead a review of how the United Nations handled allegations that French and African troops sexually abused children in the Central African Republic, the UN announced on Monday.
Marie Deschamps will chair the independent panel that will include Hassan Jallow of Gambia, a prosecutor of the UN tribunal for Rwanda, and Yasmin Sooka, executive director of the Foundation of Human Rights in South Africa.
The Guardian