Sudan – 25 June 2015

Sudan agreed to Iran request for establishing military base ‘at the right time’
The Sudanese government agreed in principle to establish an Iranian military base, according to a cable released by Wikileaks today.
WikiLeaks published on Friday more than 60,000 diplomatic cables from Saudi Arabia and said on its website it would release half a million more in the coming weeks.
Sudan Tribune

Bid by Omar al-Bashir of Sudan to Avoid Arrest Is Tested in South Africa
As the only head of state wanted by the International Criminal Court on genocide charges, President Omar Hassan al-Bashir of Sudan had spent years looking over his shoulder. He avoided countries where the risk of arrest seemed high. He visited friendly African nations hostile to the court, though he sometimes quickly left for home when the ground seemed to shift.
But on Sunday, Mr. Bashir found himself unable to leave South Africa, which he was visiting to attend an African Union summit meeting in Johannesburg. A South African High Court ordered the government to prevent Mr. Bashir from departing until it issues a ruling Monday on whether the government is required to arrest him and hand him over to the international court.
New York Times

SA denies it hatched plan to protect Sudan’s Bashir
The National Assembly will today debate the issues the departure of Sudanese president Omal al-Bashir and the events which played out last week as Bashir — wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in connection with alleged war crimes — left South Africa before a court case regarding his possible arrest was concluded.
The parliamentary communication services said in a statement yesterday the debate was requested by the opposition leader Mmusi Maimane. Meanwhile the government yesterday denied secretly plotting a safe exit from the country for Bashir, despite an international arrest warrant on war crimes charges.
The Citizen