Central African Republic – 8 April 2016

UN troops tried in DR Congo

Three UN peacekeepers accused of sexual abuse in Central African Republic (CAR) have gone on trial in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Two of the Congolese troops denied charges of raping minors, while a third denied a charge of attempted rape, the prosecutor said. More than 100 people have come forward with allegations of sexual abuse by UN and French forces in CAR.

French prosecutors have opened a new enquiry into the case, AFP reports. The troops were deployed to end conflict which broke out in 2013.



AU readmits Central African Republic

The African Union has readmitted the Central African Republic, ending a three-year suspension following a coup that sparked the country’s worst sectarian blood letting.

The AU’s Peace and Security Council late on Wednesday hailed “positive developments” in Central Africa, including landmark presidential elections in February to turn the page on three years of violence that killed thousands.