DRC – 19 August 2016

Scores hacked to death in Democratic Republic of Congo

At least 45 bodies have been found hacked to death in north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, with more expected as the search continues.

The attack was reportedly carried out by suspected rebels, Al Jazeera reported. The attack happened Saturday night in the town of Beni’s ‘s Rwangoma district, Beni Mayor Nyonyi Bwanakawa said. DRC troops recovered the machete-hacked bodies and said they expect to find even more, CRJ English News reported.

Bwanakawa said at least 45 people were found dead. He said the assailants attacked the village of Rwangoma on the city’s rim, killing civilians.

DR Congo President Joseph Kabila, who is staying in the province of North Kivu, labelled the massacre as terrorism.



Third Kabila term will doom DRC

The United States has warned of further violence in the already war-wracked Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) should President Joseph Kabila hold on to power after his mandate expires in December.

Washington has been keeping a close eye on the DRC, where tensions are running high ahead of the December 20 deadline for the end of the president’s second term.

He is barred from running again under the constitution. The opposition and Western powers are worried Kabila is pulling strings to keep his post as head of state, and may try to delay an election due to be held on September 19.

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