Somalia – 19 August 2016

AU Mission Denies Shelling Residential Areas

The Africa Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) on Wednesday refuted reports that its peacekeeping troops fired rounds of mortars on residential areas near the southern port city of Marka.

In a statement, AMISOM said its routine weapon testing exercise had the impact site pre-determined and was carried out far away from residential areas.

“The local administration was also aware of the planned weapons’ testing,” it said.

The statement comes after residents in Marka claimed that AMISOM troops shelled residential areas on Tuesday. There were reports that AU forces stationed at Ayub camp bombed villages located on the outskirts of Marka, causing casualties and property damages.


Al Shabaab Claims to Have Killed a U.S. Soldier in Raid

Al Shabaab said its fighters killed a U.S. Soldier in an attack on a convoy carrying Somali, KDF and American forces near Kismayo city on Wednesday morning.

Al Shabaab claimed the coalition forces’ convoy came under deadly surprise ambush by armed militants at Abdalla Birole area, about 40Km west of Kismayo town.

According to a statement posted on pro-al Shabaab Andalus Radio’s website, an American Elite soldier was among several soldiers killed in Today’s attack.

Unites States of America has a contingent of elite troops acting as military advisers helping Somali forces in assaults on Al Shabaab bases in south and central Somalia.