DRC – 24 June 2016

US Imposes Sanctions on Kinshasa Police Chief in DRC

The United States has imposed sanctions on Kinshasa’s police chief in the Democratic Republic of Congo for violence and the murder of civilians.

All U.S. assets belonging to Celestin Kanyama are frozen and Americans are barred from doing any business with him. The U.S. accuses Kanyama and his police force of creating a “climate of fear” in the DRC ahead of the December presidential election. President Joseph Kabila is believed to be planning to change election laws to allow himself to run for a third term, which would violate the constitution.

Voice of America


UN Security Council Urges Congo to Hold Election by End of Year

The United Nations Security Council expressed concern on Thursday over the arrest of political opposition members in Democratic Republic of Congo and urged the president to hold elections by the end of the year as required by the constitution.

The Congolese government has said it is unlikely it will be able to hold elections on time for logistical reasons as opponents of President Joseph Kabila accuse him of trying to cling to power.

Voice of America