Historic Judgment decriminalises homosexuality in Botswana

Fantastic news coming out of Gaborone today! Let’s continue to support our #LGBTQIA + friends and work towards a fully inclusive society that empowers all genders and gender non-conformers.

source: https://mg.co.za/article/2019-06-11-botswana-high-court-ruling-a-victory-for-countrys-queer-communities

In a victory for queer people in Botswana, the Gaborone high court on Tuesday ruled sections of Botswana’s Penal Code which criminalises same-sex sexual conduct unconstitutional.

Certain sections of the penal code impose a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment for consensual same-sex relations.

The court, however, ruled these provisions “discriminatory because they take away the only means of sexual expression of the applicant”.

According to Christian Science Monitor correspondent Ryan Lenora Brown, who was at the court on Tuesday, judge Michael Leburu said that it is “not in the public interest” to criminalize same sex sexual conduct.
“What compelling public interest is there necessitating such a law? There is no victim.”