Madagascar – 24 June 2016

Is The Race for Madagascar’s Resources About to Get Underway?

A part of the world where a small but potentially important news item emerged in the mining world this week – from the rising resource power of South Korea.

As I saw firsthand in a visit last month, Korea is moving quickly to catch up with Japan and China when it comes to international minerals investment. And this week the country announced a strategic move in a very unexpected place – the East African nation of Madagascar.

Local Korean press quoted government officials as saying that Korea is ready to open an embassy in Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo. A big step — with relations between these countries having been handled up till now by Korea’s ambassador in South Africa.


Bandits kill 31 bush taxi passengers SW Madagascar

Thirty-one passengers onboard a bush taxi were killed by bandits in southwestern Madagascar, authorities said on Wednesday.

The bush taxi, carrying 32, was assaulted by bandits on its way from Toliara to Beroroha, southwestern Madagascar, command of National Gendarmerie Daniel Ramiandrisoa told a press conference, Xinhua reported.

“Around 20 bandits put a dam on the road of the bush taxi, the driver could manage to escape it, but the bandits shot the rear tire and overthrew the car,” Ramiandrisoa said.

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