Swaziland – 24 June 2016

High Commissioner to UK Slams Allegations By Maid

Swaziland’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Her Excellency Dumisile Sukati has strongly refuted reports that she trafficked her housekeeper Zanele Shongwe to London in 2011.

In a full statement to the media on the matter, Sukati said she did not fear investigation into the issue because she was innocent of any alleged wrongdoing. If anything, she said a closer look into the matter will reveal the truth of her initial good intentions, which she said were all within the confines of the law.

Times of Swaziland


Swazi Albinos Demand Govt Protection

Albino people in Swaziland have called on the Government to protect them because they say they are ‘hunted down like animals’.

The call came on Friday (17 June 2016) during a march to raise awareness of the albino’s plight.

The Swazi News reported, ‘The message was loud and clear that government should put in place policies to protect people living with albinism; who are always on the run, as they are hunted down like animals.’