Madagascar – 29 July 2015

Symbion Power signs deal to develop seven energy projects in Madagascar
Symbion Power has signed an agreement with the Madagascar Government to develop seven power projects in the country.
Symbion will partner with local investor Vision Madagascar (ViMa) to create a company, called Symbion Madagascar for development of these projects.
The power projects will use biomass, solar and heavy fuel oil as feedstock to generate energy. A 10MW solar power plant and a 5MW biomass facility will be built in the city of Mahajanga.
Symbion will build further biomass facilities at strategic sites on the east coast of the country.

Farmer to Increase Rice Yield Using Chinese Hybrid Rice
Like other rice farmers in Madagascar, 19-year old Patrick Razanakoto is hopeful of increasing his rice yield after using Chinese hybrid rice seeds.
“I decided to use hybrid rice when I saw my neighbour’s yield,” Razanakoto told Xinhua in his hometown of Ambatondrazaka, 268 km northeast of Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo.
“Before, I was only cultivating one hectare of land and harvesting less than two tons of rice. But I decided to increase the piece of farmland by renting additional three hectares and I now expect to harvest at least four tons of rice per hectare after I started using hybrid rice seeds,” the young farmer said.