Somalia – 16 September 2015

Kenya to Clear Al-Shabab Fighters From Forest Near Somalia
Kenyan security forces have launched an operation to oust al-Shabab militants from the Boni Forest, along the Kenya-Somalia border. Officials say the group has established camps in the forest to attack targets in Kenya.
Kenyan officials say about 300 al-Shabab fighters are hiding in the Boni Forest. The government blames those fighters for deadly attacks in parts of coastal and northeastern Kenya.
Voice of America

President and Prime Minister Announce a Consultation Meeting to Discuss the 2016 Electoral Process and Somalia’s Political Future (vision 2016)
The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Prime Minister, HE Omar Abdirashid Sharma’arke, announced a consultation meeting to discuss the 2016 electoral process and Somalia’s political transformation as outlined in Vision 2016 will be held in Mogadishu on 20 September.