Somalia – 30 May 2014

Female Soldiers Join the Army Ranks in Somalia
With an AK47 automatic rifle slung over her shoulder, Naeemo Abdi frisks people coming into a Mogadishu police station. When she holds back a man who tried to enter unchecked, he scowls at her and barks: “Woman and soldier?”

It’s unusual to see a female in the military in traditionally conservative Somali society where women’s duties are generally at home and limited to family chores. But Abdi and other determined women are breaking down those barriers. About 1,500 females are now in the military of 20,000, according to estimates.


UN agency warns of Somalia hunger deaths

About 200,000 children under the age of five could die from severe malnutrition in Somalia by the end of the year, unless the United Nations receives emergency funds to stave off mass hunger, UN officials have said.

Only $15m has been received against the appeal by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to donor states for $150m to provide vital health services to more than three million women and children in the Horn of Africa nation this year, the agency said on Tuesday.

Al Jazeera