Swaziland – 16 September 2015

Swaziland, Zim are Africa’s most unfree
Satisfaction with democracy remains elusive, as just 51 percent of citizens surveyed in 28 African countries believed their country was a full democracy, or one with just a few problems, an Afrobarometer survey shows.
Of the 51 percent of respondents who expressed satisfaction with the country’s democracy, 18 percent believed they lived in a full democracy, and 34 percent in a democracy with some challenges.

Engineered Consent in Swaziland
In Swaziland you can rarely find a company or government parastatal whose board of directors does not include a prince, princess, chief or the king’s business associate. It is an absolute monarchy where one’s opportunities and place in society are almost fully dependent on connections and willingness to comply with the decrees of King Mswati III.