Zimbabwe – 16 September 2016

Minister says he quit social media over Zanu PF’s unfulfilled 2m jobs promise
NEWLY appointed youth and indigenisation minister, Patrick Zhuwao, has revealed that he quit social media after failing to provide answers over the missing two million new jobs promised by President Robert Mugabe.
Zhuwao, a nephew of the veteran Zanu PF leader, was speaking after touring the Zimbabwe Youth Council offices in the capital.
New Zimbabwe

Washington, IMF should not follow Zim over another cliff
President Robert Mugabe wants your money again. After years of failing to repay Zimbabwe’s staggering debts, repeatedly blaming the United States for its problems, and shamelessly courting China, the nonagenarian is now seeking a rapprochement.
To be clear, this is the wrong time for Washington to embrace an ageing dictator who has devastated his country for over 35 years. Do not let Mugabe’s recent charm offensive fool you: neither Zimbabwe’s economic policy or the country’s governance and human rights situation have fundamentally improved. If anything, Zimbabwe is getting worse.
News Day