Zimbabwe – 18 March 2016

Mugabe changes course as Harare woos IMF

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe agreed to major reforms, including compensation for evicted white farmers and a big reduction in public sector wages, as the government tries to woo back international lenders, the finance minister said.

The economy was under siege from the worst drought since 1992, Patrick Chinamasa said on Wednesday, noting that the reforms had the full backing of Mugabe, who has previously attacked the IMF for imposing stringent credit conditions.



Mugabe is ‘the godfather of corruption’

The opposition People’s Democratic Party has called for the immediate resignation of President Robert Mugabe over the missing $15 billion in diamond revenue and to allow a national transitional authority to lead the country to fresh elections.

The party’s national organising secretary, Solomon Madzore, said Mugabe’s recent revelation that the country had lost such a huge amount in the Chiadzwa mining fields in the past seven years had confirmed fears by former Finance Minister and now PDP President, Tendai Biti, that Chiadzwa diamonds had been looted on a large scale.