“Zimbabwe: two days after the Referendum; and a tribute to the late Phyllis Naidoo with special reference to her time in exile in Zimbabwe.” – 18th March 2013

Bishop Rubin Philip

Bishop Rubin Philip, Dean of the Province of the Anglican Church in Southern Africa and Chairperson of the SALO Board with Francisca Mdleleni (SALO Operations Manager) welcoming everyone to the event.

Sukhthi Naidoo

Sukhthi Naidoo, daughter of the late ANC veteran Phyllis Naidoo, who died in Durban  in February 2013. (seen in the slide show to the right).

 Albie Sachs

Albie Sachs, leading anti-apartheid activist who lost an arm to a car bomb while in exile in Mozambique. He was a judge in the Constitutional Court of South Africa after 1994. Here he speaks about his memories of Phyllis Naidoo.

Ebrahim Ebrahim

Ebrahim Ebrahim, SA Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation and a Member of the African National Congress National Executive Committee.  He described the devotion with which the late Phyllis Naidoo took care of him when he was a political prisoner under apartheid, and on his release.

Judith Todd

Judith Todd (SALO Board Member) speaks of how she and Phyllis were among many who provided safe houses to ANC freedom fighters in the Frontline States.

Professor Brian Raftopoulos

Professor Brian Raftopoulos, (SALO Board Member and Research Director, Solidarity Peace Trust) discusses the situation in Zimbabwe just two days after the Referendum.

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